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X 800 555-1212 www. fda.gov/Drugs/ResourcesForYou/ucm079489. htm FORM FDA 3664 3/11 Page 1 of 4 888 INFO-FDA These are my medicines as of Enter date as mm/dd/yyyy PSC Publishing Services 301 443-6740 EF My Personal Contacts Allergic Reaction or Other Problem I ve Had With any medicine dietary supplement food skin cleaner medical tape Describe in space below. Be an Active Member of Your Health Care Team DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Food and Drug Administration My Medicine Record...
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Hi guys I got a great video for you Andrew#39’re going to bussomehe biggestmyths out there and putting one of the things that I was always taught is whenyou'’re putting you want tveryry consistentnt back and through so if my putter goes back a foot it needs to come through it kind of like a pendulum stroke or a grandfather clock back and through very, very consistent and it makes a lot of sense it sounds perfect nice and even stroke makes a lot offense the problem is that can actually lead for you lead you to decelerate on some putts be inconsistent with your timing and your stroke in your tempo anklet me tell you a little more about this so recently I did a certification with a company called Sam cut lab another#39’ve donthehe ton of research onthe tour and a ton of research with the putting stroke, so the Sam is an actual machine it#39;s an ultrasound machine that sends out waves, and then you attach you special clips to your putter and treads really highly detailed information about what your putting stroke is doings how far back and through we'rebutting what the angle of the face show much loft is on your putter whetheryou'’re hitting up into the baldownwn intoto the ball all kinds of information pretty much everything that you're doing with your putting stroke now the cool thing about Sam is from 2003 to 2005they actually went out on the PGA Tour, and they measured ninety-nine players ontour, and they use that as kind of their database to see what the tour averages what are the best players in the world doing when that#39’re putting you know whatthey found is when that#39’rputting theyey're taking it back about thirty four percent, so it's imagine here my ball is where I'm making contact I'm taking this putter back thirty-four percent and then through the ball IN#39’m swinging throughsixty excuse mINI'’m taking iback thirtyty six percent I'm swinging through sixty-four percent, so I'm swingingthrough if you want to make it really, really simple about twice the distance#39’m swinging ba, soso I'm swinging backthirty thirty-six I'm swinging through sixty-four or one back and two through so you always want to be accelerating through the ball and that#39’s veryimportant because if I have this kind of pendulum stroke where I go back a foot through a foot I actually have to start slowing my putter down because it'built up some momentum I have to start accelerating a little slower so that done#39;t go through too far and that leads to a little of inconsistency with the stroke now if we want to practice this there's a great way to do this with our line putting rail I think it's a great tool really helps you to kind of groove stroke in there and let me talk little more about how to use this Ina second but one of the things that Like to do I like to see here is I canst up a camera and I can look because it has kind of marks on there showing how far back and through I'm going I can get a good general idea of how far backhand how far through...
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